Did you know...

Wool is self-cleaning? Here is the science behind it. Keratin in wool breaks down bacteria naturally. Each wool fibre has two types of cells absorbing different moisture levels. This creates a self-cleaning effect due to constant motion. Wool's breathability means less washing is needed; airing outside freshens it right up.


Detergents & conditioners

Select a PH neutral, gentle liquid detergent designed for wool. Avoid strong biological detergents with enzymes, chlorine, or bleach. Use minimal final rinse softeners or conditioners to prevent pilling. Excessive softener can induce friction between fibers, potentially leading to shrinking or felting.

When to dry-clean

Our merino lambswool throws require dry cleaning only. For pure wool throws, opt for professional dry cleaning to preserve texture. Specify that your throw is wool or merino lambswool. Mentioning stain causes helps in effective removal.

Fresh air method

Since pure wool is naturally anti-microbial, simply hanging your throw outdoors will freshen it right up. Use caution with prolonged exposure to the sun as it can cause slight fading.