We aim to bring comfort through gifts, donating one blanket with every regular throw purchase to those in need.

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Over the years of operating our candle business, requests for donations to various causes have been common. This has posed feasibility challenges for our small business. Motivated by this, we aimed to establish a more effective approach. Usually, candles are not commonly requested on wish lists for shelters and care centers, so we developed a product that is...


Stellar Gifts

You want a gift to feel classy and distinctive, and we're total show-offs. Our gifts are carefully packaged for a delightful unboxing.

Heirloom Quality

Exceptional craftsmanship and superior skill are evident in all our products, from recycling yarn to weaving traditional wool.

Best of Britain

Our blankets are woven in small mills in the British Isles. We want to create cozy throws that are as authentic as they are beautiful.

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